About Lumea Photo


Hey! I'm Amy!

The girl behind the lens here at Lumea Photo. I delight in capturing the essence of a business, brand or eatery and have over 10 years experience in the photography industry.

Photography for me is really all about the people. I love to see the people behind each business, working hard and pouring out their passions. Being a business owner myself, I understand just how much work goes on behind the scenes. Because of this, I also know that creating visual content for your business is so important but often falls to the bottom of every to do list. This is why Lumea Photo exists, to create beautiful visual content you’re proud of and make the job of presenting your business to the world and attracting ideal clients easier for you.


Projects + Publications

Gourmet Traveller - Good Food - Broadsheet - Concrete Playground - Time Out - Delicious - Peppermint Magazine - Virgin Australia Magazine - Qantas Magazine - The Urban List - Selector Magazine

- Veuve Clicquot x Betty's Burger Campaign
- Tourism Noosa 2020 guide book - capturing over 300 restaurants, retail and experiences to refresh the Visit Noosa website and provide complete imagery for the 2020 guide book.
- All cookbook photography for 'Vanilla Food the Cookbook'
- Photography for 'Cook Noosa' cookbook
- Noosa Food and Wine Event Photographer
- Noosa Alive Photographer
- Fashion Revolution Week x Outland Denim, capturing their team in Cambodia
- Set Photographer for The Archibald Project x The Advocates Documentary India
- Marketing Photographer for Children in Families Camobodia



lumea / lumen - “light of life” - people, world, humanity, mankind.

Why Lumea?

Lumea to me means family and community, and instantly reminds me of big, seafood filled tables surrounded by friends and family!

My family owned and operated a local commercial + wholesale seafood business. When it came to naming the boat, my parents took the first letter or two from everyone's names in our family to create Lumea K (Lucy, Megan, Amy and Kathy - you always name a boat after a female!) 

I think it’s pretty wonderful that the name continues on, just in a very different business form!

So welcome to Lumea Photo, we value community, family, high quality service and well, good food!